Custom Pet Portrait

$ 50.00

 Get a customized portrait of a pet for yourself or a friend! A great gift any pet lover.

What you will get:

1. Digital high resolution image of your pet.

2. Optional free service. If requested, we will upload your pet's art to our Society6 account #EggsBFF so you can order mugs/totes/tshirts with your pet's image. The service to upload and prepare images is free, but there is cost associated if you decide to purchase items with your pet's image.

Check out the example images of some recently completed portraits. We can customize the background/colors/etc to your preference within reason.

IMPORTANT:  Please be aware a quality photo will be required to get you the best portrait. What makes a good photo? If you have any questions, please email

After you order, we will follow up with an email.

Only one pet for order. Two pets? Double order. Three pets? Triple order.

Completion time depends on the workload. Expect delivery times of up to 2 weeks.