SALE! Cats N' Roses Package

$ 12.99 $ 21.99

Tshirt, Toilet Eggs postcard, Dapper Eggs Round stickers, and EggsBFF 2 sheet ALL included.

Printed on American Apparel 2001, our favorite tshirt blank!  SIZE CHART

Have you ever bought a shirt for the design, but the tshirt blank is horrible? 

We chose this shirt blank carefully to ensure that WE would wear the shirt ourselves. We've tried triblends and other 50-50 blanks before, but nothing feels better than soft 100% cotton.

The print is also premium. Printed by Threadbird using a special style of printing in which a discharge underbase is used with special soft inks on top. This allows a strong print with bright colors while keeping the printing really soft. And it only gets softer after you wash the shirts!

The design is a spoof on Guns N' Roses skull album cover. It's not 1993 anymore, so although you may still love rocking out to "Welcome to the Jungle", maybe your hair is less poofy, and you have replaced your angst with love for cats... not guns?

These are Unisex shirts. Please refer to the size chart for measurements. Typically in comparison, a junior's large size will be a small or medium in unisex sizes.