The Cats of Catmina Project One Posted on 31 Dec 11:03 , 0 comments

There are 80 pets in the Catmina Project One illustration:  78 Cats, Jake the Pug, and a Chihuahua named Chico.

Duffy, Fergie, and the late Squish

Ming and Wicket



 Seamus and Angus


Loki, London, and Lockheart of Studley Cat

derthecat, arizona ricecakes, teagues

Monty, Puffjoy

Sweet Basil Bear, Little Dums Dums, My Fluffy Pony

1Tidus, His Name is Gary, Walter and Sophie

Rays Original, Here's Fancy N Friends, Hey Seymour

Wheezy, Archie and Milo

Ring, Feral, Lil Adolf

Lord Pizza Smoosh, Graveskull, Shrimp

 Miss Raspberry Kittay, Smush Faced Hamlet, Colonel Meow

Purrkoy, Boris, Fitzroy

Smooch the Exotic, Gremlin the Cat, The Sauer Kraut Kitty

Copper Kitty, Snugs the Cat, Ischmar, My Cat Kyle

Puffy and Caesar, Sasha Precious

Stalin, Roswell, Porkchop, Mojo Kitten


Charlie MadChops, Lolas Brown Chin, Dexter, Olive the Omen

Missan, Muppet the Moustached Cat, Persian Tinkerbell

Ramen, The Worry Cat, Genius Catt

Pecan Pie, Exotic Eric, Summertrio

Pocket and Boots, Betsy Mr Buttons

 Smoosh Monsters, Tig N Bai

Warewoff, Bowie Space Cat, Melcrawmeow

 Chico the Chihuahua, Mr Eggs the Cat, and Jake the Pug

All of them!