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The Catmina Project was started early 2015.

Over a period of four months, I rendered 80 pets from Instagram and collaged them into one illustration.  Then I ordered the image as a silk scarf from a manufacturer in Zhejiang, China.

I had never ordered from China before and it was an interesting experience.

My mind still had an erroneous image of China as poor manufacturers even though intellectually, seeing that EVERYTHING is made in China, if it's good for Apple and everyone else, it must be good.

Sometime in the 90's, the media did a great job instilling fear in my mind. If it came from the China, the knee jerk fear of "does it have lead in it?" was the automatic thought.

I made sure to obtain samples from various companies from various countries. Canada, US, and China.

You know who had the worst product and service? The US company.

And the Canada company had great product and service, but you know what, they outsourced it from China.

The only hiccup I had with the Chinese manufacturers was that in February, they pretty much said, we're not working since it's Chinese New Year's. We're taking off for a month.

Otherwise, Miss Hong representing the company communicated clearly and was beyond polite.

I was worried about importing goods, but apparently, if it's a small quantity, it doesn't really matter. DHL just charges you an import fee tax several months down the road.

In hindsight, I was rather timid about the project.

Another salesman probably could have sold a ton of them, but as I stated in my original post, it was a labor of love, and honestly, learning. So I only sold the 100 units I ordered.

The original silk version is no longer available, although it can be ordered via a third party as a microfiber polyester scarf or other goods like mugs, pouches, etc.  It's not as luxurious as the silk, and I prefer it that way.

The 85 or so people who ordered the original Catmina Project will most likely be the only people to own the original. Since most of those who ordered it were the cat owners, I am happy with that.

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Here are some images of the original silk Catmina.