About Custom Pet Portraits Posted on 06 Jul 16:24 , 0 comments

We create custom pet portraits. When spots are available, they can be ordered HERE.

The following are examples of completed pet portraits.

This is Perry of Instagram account Yanksgal23. Having previously worked with Yanksgal23, I knew that Perry's owner had other cats named Jimmy Choo and Lilly Pulizter, so we were excited to integrate a Lilly Pulizter style background into her portrait. If you are unaware, Lilly Pulitzer was a fashion designer in the high society market who used bright, colorful, floral prints.

This is FrankNFluff! Her owner requested a red background so it would match her furniture as she was intent on ordering the portrait as a pillow

With a pet portrait, we offer uploads to #EggsBFF Society6 account, where one can order the image on a variety of products such as mugs, totes, tshirts, and more. We provide this complimentary service for those who do not have the time or desire to maintain graphics files. Anyone who orders a portrait will be supplied with high resolution art for their use.

After having created Yanksgal23's floral background, for FrankNFluff, we wanted to continue the theme but with a subtle tone on tone style that would still match the request for red. This was the result!

This is Winifred. His owner supplied a marbled color background. It turned out splendidly, don't you think?

We can experiment with most any style.

If you like what you see, consider supporting our artist's livelihood by ordering a pet portrait of your own. ORDER MEOW!