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The #Catminaproject is an illustration project created by Jimiyo aka Mr Eggs the Cat's #EggsDaddy.

Artist Statement:

The #Catminaproject is a collage of 78 cats, a pug, and a chihuahua named Chico. Why did you sneak in those dogs? Well, Mr Eggs and Jimiyo love dogs too, especially small ones. The final illustration is being manufactured as a silk scarf. It is also available as fabric, leggings, and other products.

As an young artist almost a decade ago, I thought "if only I could save enough money, I would quit my job and just create art."

At the time I was working in sales, and eventually, I did quit my job and create art. I even obtained an art job soon thereafter albeit at half the wage of my sales position.

I've been fortunate enough to have built a career around art, and I was relieved to have found means to live well pursuing my passion.

It gave me the freedom to meander around the United States living where ever it was that my spirit wanted while I telecommuted as a digital artist and art director  for online companies. I've freelanced for mass retail companies like Walmart and Billabong, or boutique brands like Arbor Skateboards and Sullen Clothing while living in a shack, on a ranch, in a national monument, in the middle of nowhere Utah.  I moved from California to Washington to Alabama to Georgia, all the while working as an art director for a company that started from nothing and has become a profitable staple in the online t-shirt industry.

I could continue to puff up my experiences and accolades, but nothing will negate the fact that I was still working for someone else.

I did "just create art", but it wasn't based on what I wanted, rather what the consumer or the company for whom I worked.

It seems after a decade of the journey, I had the thought, "if only I could just create art... that I want to create."

So, even if just for 2015, I am creating whatever I want.

Subsisting from dwindling art royalties built over the last decade, 2015 has been a year of exploration. Almost half a year has flown by, and it has been a most interesting journey!

To me, the spiritual journey has been quite interesting. Although I maintain enough passive income to tread water, one does not simply quit active income generation to entertain creative whims without some anxiety. The #catminaproject has been mostly a labor of love, not subsistence.

The journey has made me question my self worth and my choices:

Am I being lazy?

Am I being selfish?

Am I less of a man if I don't generate substantial income?

Those questions and insights belong in another blog.

This is about the #catminaproject! (Which honestly, is also about the journey... but I digress.)

So why cats?

I love Mr Eggs.

I love other people's cats.

Most of the pets included are from Mr Eggs' cat friend accounts on Instagram.  We've formed a virtual community of cat owners and enthusiasts.

As an artist persona named "Jimiyo", I have long projected an identity of the artist online, which allows the real Jimi Benedict to be shrouded in obscurity.

Similarly, the online cat personas rarely show the human wizards operating behind the curtain, however one thing is clear about the humans:

They freaking LOVE their cats.

And I empathize.

What better win-win than to combine the love of creating art, with the my love of cats, all the while, creating a piece of art that the owners of the cats would love too?

So the #catminaproject was born!

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