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There are 80 pets in the Catmina Project One illustration:  78 Cats, Jake the Pug, and a Chihuahua named Chico.

Duffy, Fergie, and the late Squish

Ming and Wicket



 Seamus and Angus


Loki, London, and Lockheart of Studley Cat

derthecat, arizona ricecakes, teagues

Monty, Puffjoy

Sweet Basil Bear, Little Dums Dums, My Fluffy Pony

1Tidus, His Name is Gary, Walter and Sophie

Rays Original, Here's Fancy N Friends, Hey Seymour

Wheezy, Archie and Milo

Ring, Feral, Lil Adolf

Lord Pizza Smoosh, Graveskull, Shrimp

 Miss Raspberry Kittay, Smush Faced Hamlet, Colonel Meow

Purrkoy, Boris, Fitzroy

Smooch the Exotic, Gremlin the Cat, The Sauer Kraut Kitty

Copper Kitty, Snugs the Cat, Ischmar, My Cat Kyle

Puffy and Caesar, Sasha Precious

Stalin, Roswell, Porkchop, Mojo Kitten


Charlie MadChops, Lolas Brown Chin, Dexter, Olive the Omen

Missan, Muppet the Moustached Cat, Persian Tinkerbell

Ramen, The Worry Cat, Genius Catt

Pecan Pie, Exotic Eric, Summertrio

Pocket and Boots, Betsy Mr Buttons

 Smoosh Monsters, Tig N Bai

Warewoff, Bowie Space Cat, Melcrawmeow

 Chico the Chihuahua, Mr Eggs the Cat, and Jake the Pug

All of them!

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Looking for Catminaproject 2016 details? Sign up for upcoming details on how you can have your cat included! SIGN UP HERE

The Catmina Project was started early 2015.

Over a period of four months, I rendered 80 pets from Instagram and collaged them into one illustration.  Then I ordered the image as a silk scarf from a manufacturer in Zhejiang, China.

I had never ordered from China before and it was an interesting experience.

My mind still had an erroneous image of China as poor manufacturers even though intellectually, seeing that EVERYTHING is made in China, if it's good for Apple and everyone else, it must be good.

Sometime in the 90's, the media did a great job instilling fear in my mind. If it came from the China, the knee jerk fear of "does it have lead in it?" was the automatic thought.

I made sure to obtain samples from various companies from various countries. Canada, US, and China.

You know who had the worst product and service? The US company.

And the Canada company had great product and service, but you know what, they outsourced it from China.

The only hiccup I had with the Chinese manufacturers was that in February, they pretty much said, we're not working since it's Chinese New Year's. We're taking off for a month.

Otherwise, Miss Hong representing the company communicated clearly and was beyond polite.

I was worried about importing goods, but apparently, if it's a small quantity, it doesn't really matter. DHL just charges you an import fee tax several months down the road.

In hindsight, I was rather timid about the project.

Another salesman probably could have sold a ton of them, but as I stated in my original post, it was a labor of love, and honestly, learning. So I only sold the 100 units I ordered.

The original silk version is no longer available, although it can be ordered via a third party as a microfiber polyester scarf or other goods like mugs, pouches, etc.  It's not as luxurious as the silk, and I prefer it that way.

The 85 or so people who ordered the original Catmina Project will most likely be the only people to own the original. Since most of those who ordered it were the cat owners, I am happy with that.

For a list of the Cats of the Catmina Project One, CLICK HERE

Here are some images of the original silk Catmina.

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We create custom pet portraits. When spots are available, they can be ordered HERE.

The following are examples of completed pet portraits.

This is Perry of Instagram account Yanksgal23. Having previously worked with Yanksgal23, I knew that Perry's owner had other cats named Jimmy Choo and Lilly Pulizter, so we were excited to integrate a Lilly Pulizter style background into her portrait. If you are unaware, Lilly Pulitzer was a fashion designer in the high society market who used bright, colorful, floral prints.

This is FrankNFluff! Her owner requested a red background so it would match her furniture as she was intent on ordering the portrait as a pillow

With a pet portrait, we offer uploads to #EggsBFF Society6 account, where one can order the image on a variety of products such as mugs, totes, tshirts, and more. We provide this complimentary service for those who do not have the time or desire to maintain graphics files. Anyone who orders a portrait will be supplied with high resolution art for their use.

After having created Yanksgal23's floral background, for FrankNFluff, we wanted to continue the theme but with a subtle tone on tone style that would still match the request for red. This was the result!

This is Winifred. His owner supplied a marbled color background. It turned out splendidly, don't you think?

We can experiment with most any style.

If you like what you see, consider supporting our artist's livelihood by ordering a pet portrait of your own. ORDER MEOW!

NEW! All Over Print T-shirt, Custom Pet Portraits, and Sir Pumpkin! Posted on 26 Jun 10:30 , 0 comments

Society6 (a third party vendor of #EggsBFF products) has recently added All Over Shirts as a product, so we decided to create the most ridiculous shirt by putting the #Catminaproject image on an all over shirt. We must put it on EVERYTHING!

We are now taking commissions for Custom Pet Portraits. If you are interested in having your pet illustrated, feel free to ask questions via We only have a couple spots available at the moment so act fast.

And, we are most excited to add a new employee! Sir Pumpkin! Chief Executive Napper Mr Eggs is currently grooming Sir Pumpkin to become SVP of Operations. Follow our Instagram to see more photos of this dashing up and coming heart throb.

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The #Catminaproject is an illustration project created by Jimiyo aka Mr Eggs the Cat's #EggsDaddy.

Artist Statement:

The #Catminaproject is a collage of 78 cats, a pug, and a chihuahua named Chico. Why did you sneak in those dogs? Well, Mr Eggs and Jimiyo love dogs too, especially small ones. The final illustration is being manufactured as a silk scarf. It is also available as fabric, leggings, and other products.

As an young artist almost a decade ago, I thought "if only I could save enough money, I would quit my job and just create art."

At the time I was working in sales, and eventually, I did quit my job and create art. I even obtained an art job soon thereafter albeit at half the wage of my sales position.

I've been fortunate enough to have built a career around art, and I was relieved to have found means to live well pursuing my passion.

It gave me the freedom to meander around the United States living where ever it was that my spirit wanted while I telecommuted as a digital artist and art director  for online companies. I've freelanced for mass retail companies like Walmart and Billabong, or boutique brands like Arbor Skateboards and Sullen Clothing while living in a shack, on a ranch, in a national monument, in the middle of nowhere Utah.  I moved from California to Washington to Alabama to Georgia, all the while working as an art director for a company that started from nothing and has become a profitable staple in the online t-shirt industry.

I could continue to puff up my experiences and accolades, but nothing will negate the fact that I was still working for someone else.

I did "just create art", but it wasn't based on what I wanted, rather what the consumer or the company for whom I worked.

It seems after a decade of the journey, I had the thought, "if only I could just create art... that I want to create."

So, even if just for 2015, I am creating whatever I want.

Subsisting from dwindling art royalties built over the last decade, 2015 has been a year of exploration. Almost half a year has flown by, and it has been a most interesting journey!

To me, the spiritual journey has been quite interesting. Although I maintain enough passive income to tread water, one does not simply quit active income generation to entertain creative whims without some anxiety. The #catminaproject has been mostly a labor of love, not subsistence.

The journey has made me question my self worth and my choices:

Am I being lazy?

Am I being selfish?

Am I less of a man if I don't generate substantial income?

Those questions and insights belong in another blog.

This is about the #catminaproject! (Which honestly, is also about the journey... but I digress.)

So why cats?

I love Mr Eggs.

I love other people's cats.

Most of the pets included are from Mr Eggs' cat friend accounts on Instagram.  We've formed a virtual community of cat owners and enthusiasts.

As an artist persona named "Jimiyo", I have long projected an identity of the artist online, which allows the real Jimi Benedict to be shrouded in obscurity.

Similarly, the online cat personas rarely show the human wizards operating behind the curtain, however one thing is clear about the humans:

They freaking LOVE their cats.

And I empathize.

What better win-win than to combine the love of creating art, with the my love of cats, all the while, creating a piece of art that the owners of the cats would love too?

So the #catminaproject was born!

Support an artist's journey by ORDERING a #CatminaProject Scarf